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Pastured Pork

The pigs at Four Hands Farm are living the porcine dream.

We practice intensive rotational grazing with our pigs, leveraging their natural inclinations, abilities, and preferences to help us regenerate an old hayfield for future use as grazing land.


Pastured Poultry

The way chicken should taste.

The chickens of Four Hands Farm are a crucial component of our operation. Our chickens spend anywhere between 9 and 11 weeks moving over the land in mobile shelters doing the things that chickens love to do - scratch in the dirt and bask in the sunshine, all the while helping to keep farm and garden pests at bay. 


Pastured Eggs

Healthy, delicious eggs come from healthy, happy hens. The laying flock at Four Hands Farm plays a crucial role in our operation. The laying hens are given the freedom to roam wherever they please on our 25-acre property. This means endless fresh air and sunshine for our girls, and the daily fulfillment of the all-important job of keeping ticks, garden pests, and flies under control, which they perform with observable joy. As always, their diet is supplemented with a top-quality non-GMO feed.


Eggs may be purchased at any time through our online store for pickup or local delivery in the Chautauqua Lake region.

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