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Pastured Poultry



What's the big deal about pastured poultry, anyway? Compared to typical grocery store chicken (Think crowded, stinky commercial chicken houses filled to the brim with unhealthy birds that are fed pesticide-laced grain and never get a breath of fresh air their entire lives. No, thanks.), our chickens spend their days out in the fresh air and sunshine, feasting on grasses, bugs, and high-quality organic supplemental feed. We joyfully substitute the commercial chicken house for breezy mobile chicken shelters that are moved every couple of days to ensure that the chickens always have fresh forage and bedding. The difference is wildly apparent when it comes down to the end product. High in healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, our birds are known for their savory flavor profile and for producing a rich, yellow soup stock.

Whole pastured chickens make an incredible addition to your weekly order through our online store!

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