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What is No-Dig?

Soil health and the prosperity of soil microbiology is at the center of No-Dig (also known as No-Till) gardening. As soon as tillage occurs, the structure of native soil is damaged, which directly affects soil health and microbiology. By employing No-Dig methods, we at Four Hands Farm maintain native soil that is teeming with beneficial organisms and microbes that are in place to assist our plants in the acquisition of moisture and nutrients. We never, ever use any chemical fertilizers, synthetic fungicides, herbicides,  or pesticides on our farm. As a result, our crops tend to have very little weed, pest, and disease pressure, freeing us up to focus our energy on planting, harvesting, and enjoying the beautiful garden spaces that we create. We are proud to grow healthy plants & produce, and to maintain ecosystems within our gardens that are completely free of harmful chemicals.

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