Four Hands Farm is a small-scale, regenerative family farm that focuses on the ethical production of high-quality farm goods to Western New York and the surrounding communities. We specialize in no-till produce, cut flowers, and truly grass-fed, antibiotic-free eggs, pork, and chicken. Each enterprise is managed using methods that are best for the animals, best for the environment, and best for our family. We follow Nature's model in all things, which means superb quality of life for our animals and results in nutritionally superior food. We firmly believe that knowing where your food comes from should be a priority, and that everyone should have access to wholesome, healthy local food. 




Ron Wasik is the man you want on your side when things on the farm go awry. He is in charge of everything on the farm from engineering projects and mechanical repairs to pasture rotation design and chicken wrangling. Ron holds a B.S. in Physics and Cooperative Engineering from SUNY Fredonia and takes special interest in the effects of responsible farming on the local watershed. His passions on-farm include, but are not limited to, pasture management for optimal soil health, heritage livestock breeds, and turning Leslie's crazy farm dreams into a reality. 


Leslie Wasik is a personal trainer-turned-farm nerd. Follower of all things regenerative ag, she manages the day-to-day operations on-farm, including marketing, sales, animal husbandry, and toddler chasing. Leslie holds a B.S. in Exercise Science from SUNY Fredonia and is passionate about regenerative agricultural systems, growing and arranging cut flowers, as well as progressively learning about how responsible farming can positively impact local ecosystems and communities.


Farming produce and livestock in a regenerative way means that the soil is left healthier with every passing season. Our animals are moved to fresh pasture regularly, which means that they always have access to fresh forage and the soil gets a chance to recover from grazing pressure. This method of rotational grazing vastly improves the health of our soil, quality of our pastures, and the overall health and happiness of our animals. If supplemental feed is required, our livestock enjoy high-quality, organic, non-GMO feed. Healthy soil, healthy animals, healthy community.

What is No-Till?

Soil health and the prosperity of soil microbiology is at the center of No-Till (also known as No-Dig) gardening. As soon as tillage occurs, the structure of native soil is damaged, which directly affects soil health and microbiology. By employing No-Till methods, we at Four Hands Farm maintain native soil that is teeming with beneficial organisms and microbes that are in place to assist our plants in the acquisition of moisture and nutrients. As a result, our crops tend to have very little weed, pest, and disease pressure, freeing us up to focus our energy on planting, harvesting, and enjoying the beautiful garden spaces that we create. We are proud to grow healthy plants & produce, and to maintain ecosystems within our gardens that are completely free of harmful chemicals.